Published Saturday, 18. September 2010, 19:12, Danish time.

So now I got started! I’ve been thinking about “going public” for a long time. But not really found time to do it before now. After playing around with the software and the design during the rainy parts of the summer, I feel that I’m finally set and ready to go.

So why?

There are lots of things that I feel needs to be said. Things that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere myself – be that on the net, in books, in discussions or in podcasts. Things, that I wish I would have found years ago when I needed them. Ways to think about software that made things fall into place for me and gave me certainty and peace in mind. And made it easier to solve problems and construct good software.

I will throw some of them out in the wild – on this blog – and then see what happens. I hope to find that there are people out here willing to share insight and maybe take my thoughts and develop them in new and surprising directions.

Sometimes I feel that I’m alone in the world in my way of thinking about software – that my brain must have been folded in different and crazy ways. But I might just be describing things differently. Time and feedback will hopefully teach me.

I can’t really find any deeply rational reasons to do this. I don’t have a job where anything depends on me doing this – on the contrary: my job usually requires me to stay as focused on the task at hand as possible. I’m also not a contractor or a speaker and I don’t have to write smart stuff on the web to get the good contracts.

It’s more about the soft things. To see, if I can learn from doing this. I find that it’s often a relief to get your thoughts written down. Then you can let go of them and open your mind up in new directions. A blog seems to be a good place for this.

I am exited to see what happens.

Who am I?

I’m a Danish software developer. I’m 44. I have been working professionally first in IT and then software development for 22 years now. Mostly in the financial sector in Denmark. I have a sweet wife and two wonderful kids and lots of interests and responsibilities. My day usually has too few hours.

So it will probably be a challenge for me to find time for writing blog posts.

But I have a plan and cross my fingers.

And now… – on with the writing!

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