About me

My name is Morten Schmidt and I am a Danish software developer. I’m 44 as of September 2010. I have been working professionally first in IT and then software development for 22 years now. Mostly in the financial sector in Denmark. I have a sweet wife and two wonderful kids and lots of interests and responsibilities.

My day usually has too few hours. So it will probably be a challenge for me to find time for writing blog posts.

I work for a Danish investment bank with a global outlook and I have colleagues from about 50 countries. I work as a Senior Software Developer and career-wise I handle the Lead Developer role once in a while, but what really gets me up in the morning is create good software solutions, write code myself and in general invent things.

I don’t have a formal education – and frankly I think that that’s an huge advantage at times. Other times, I just long for more knowledge and envy those who learned stuff in school. I found that after a few years or so in work, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. It is of greater importance how you approach things.

What I did study formally was 2½ courses of philosophy on the University of Copenhagen and that really made an impact on my way of approaching software construction.

Maybe I will update my CV and post it here later…